Instock Surplus Showers & Tub/Showers 

Clarion Shower Base SP4848L/S

Clarion Soaking Tub #AD7242VX

Cabinet Surplus of Dewart has an extensive line of bath merchandise. In addition to vanities and tops, medicine cabinets, light bars, toilets and flooring; we carry bath tubs, showers and whirlpools. Adding your own personal touch is easy, we have access to hundreds of style and color combinations to achieve the exact look and feel you desire!

Finding the perfect bathtub or shower can be quite a task. Free-standing, recessed and corner showers range from compact to large and luxurious. Space saver models fit snuggly in a corner of a small area, while "Master Showers" can be customized with spa jets and / or an array of Chromatherapy mood lights and LED surround lights. There is even a Wet and Dry Master Shower Room Assembly that fits through a 30" door!  Or create your own unique shower enclosure starting with a quality shower base. 

Relaxing is easy...from freestanding tubs, whirlpool and bubble jet, 1-piece ADA complient to walk-in hydrotherapy tubs, we can offer the right bathtub to fit your lifestyle! If you are limited on space, combine the two with a space-saving tub/shower unit and still enjoy the bubble jet and whirlpool options! Ask about AFR (Above-the-Floor Rough) option that simplifies installation by allowing a few inches of clearance to pipe directly under the shower or shower base.

Have a dirty dog? We offer a multi-tasking Utility/Pet Shower perfect for washing your pets, spraying off household items, emptying mop buckets, etc. Not sure which way to worries. Our experienced design team is here to guide you.

We also have a good supply of surplus items in stock and invite you to stop by our store to see firsthand what's available. You never know what project ideas might develop when you see the surplus we have to offer!



                             & Whirlpools

Clarion 72" Free Standing Bathtub #FR7242C

Clarion Shower & Bathtub Combo #RE8802LAX/ RAX

Clarion Walk-In Master Shower #RE8860X

Mirolin XSH43LS - 3 piece 50" Shower with Dome

Mirolin XPT523L - 3 Piece 60" Tub/Shower with Dome

Mirolin XSH33L/R - 3 piece 38" Shower with Dome

Clarion 56" Corner Tub w/ 22" Apron

Clarion 36" Utility / Pet Shower

Clarion 60" Oval Drop-In Tub #RE4240

Aker 72" x 41" x 23" Drop In Tub #SB00-4272 w/ 

Center Drain. 6 colors to choose from. Available

with Bodywrap Whirlpool with Micro Switch

Aker 59" x 59" x 24" Corner Tub #GT-6060AP w/

Center Drain. 6 colors to choose from. Available

with Homestead Whirlpool system w/ Air Switch

Aker 60" x 48" x 24" Alcove Bathtub #GT-4860

Available Options: Left or right Drain / 6 colors to

choose from / Bodywrap Whirlpool w/ Micro Switch

Aker 48" x 35" x 72" 1-piece Alcove Shower

#NS-48  Center Drain, no Seat. Offered in 6 colors

Aker 36" x 36" x 76"  4-piece Alcove shower

#KDS-3636  Center Drain no Seat. Offered in 6 colors.

Also offered  in 32" x 32" x 80" AFR (Above-the-Floor Rough) #KDS3232

Aker 60" x 36" x 75" 1-piece Alcove Shower

#S-60 Twin Seats w/ Center Drain / Offered in 6 colors

Aker 48" x 36" x 77" 1-piece Alcove Shower #SHLS/RS-48 w/ Center Drain & Left or Right  Seat. Offered in 6 colors.

(Also available in 60" x 36" x 77" #SHLS/RS-60)

Aker 60" x 42" x 27" Alcove Tub #GT-4260AP w/

Center Drain. 3 colors to choose from. Pictured w/ Homestead Whirlpool system option

Aker 36" x 36" x 72" 1-piece Alcove Shower #S-36T

Center Drain, no Seat. 4" simulated tile pattern

Offered in 3 colors

Aker 60" x 30" x 78" 4-piece Alcove Tub Shower #KDTS-3060 w/ Left or Right Drain.

Offered in 6 colors.

Aker 54" x 29" x 78" 4-piece Alcove Tub Shower

#KDTS-2954 w/ Left or Right Drain.

Offered in 6 colors. Shown w/ optional Grab Bars

Aker 60" x 32" x 79" 4-piece Alcove Tub Shower

#KDTS-3260 w/ Left or Right Drain.

Ofered in 6 colors.

Selections are not limited to the items pictured above. Please call us or stop by for more information on the many different styles available.